Mirror Brushed Nickel Silver Wall Mounted Round Mirror for Bathroom Vanity

Product Name: Circle Mirror Brushed Nickel Silver Wall Mounted Round Mirror
Item Number: YBZM020
Product Size: Diameteri:865mm, can be customized
Material METAL
Shipping Port FUZHOU

Response Time 24h


Response Rate 100%


Product Description

【Exquisitely Handcrafted】Our 34-Inch Stylish Round Mirror is Handmade Product with Care and Attention.It’s made of Rusty-Free Stainless Steel Framed and Copper-Free Silver Mirror

【Universal Decoration】Ideal for Washroom, Bedroom, Entryway and Dining Room, the Light and Visual Depth are Doubled in an Instant, Making the Space Appear Bigger

【Safty Mirror Design】All Mirrors Have an Explosion-Proof Film on the back, Even If It is accidentally damaged, There Won’t be any Splashing Debris.

【Easy Wall-Mounted Installation】Reserved Mounted Hole on the Back of Mirror, Drill a Hole – Plug in wall plugs -Screws to hang – 2 Eva Stickers to Fix the Mirror to Avoid Shaking, All Mounting Accessories Included

【Copper Free Silver Mirror】High Transparent Glass provides HD image and clear reflection without distortion, Glass Deep Set Design Looks more elegant in your rooms

Glass Panel Deep Set Design

Made of Sturdy Stainless Steel Framed, It can Avoid Rusting and Fading. Glass Panel Deep Set in the Frame Design, Look more elegant in your Bathroom, Living Room, Entry Way etc.

Cooper Free Silver Mirror

Made of 6 Layers of Protection Glass Cooper Free Silver Mirror with 99% HD Reflection, Farewell to Blackening of Mirror

Bulit in Burating Diaphragm

Full Cover with Burating Diaghragm on the back of Mirror, Even if the Mirror is Broken, it will not Splash Debris to your Ground

Production Process

Well familiar with 3A/6A standard mail packing for online sales

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