Bedroom Furniture Two Drawers Pure Solid Wood Bedside Table Corner Table

Product Name: Bathroom Storage,Floor Storage Cabinet Organizer with with 4 Drawers and Adjustable Shelf,
Item Number: YBW1011
Product Size: 450mm*350mm*650mm, can be customized
Material BAMBOO
Shipping Port FUZHOU

Response Time 24h


Response Rate 100%


Product Description

  • The perfect size:Our bedroom nightstands set fits beautifully in any room or corner of your home.
  • High quality oak without auxiliary materials,no skin,no wood-based panels.
  • Product Colour:Natural.
  • Ample Storage Space.

Practical storage,items are home to home ,close to nature ,restore the truth


Durable,easy to clean ,easy to maintain,quiet nature

Solid and durable ,stable furniture structure

Close to nature,restore the truth

Small footprint,free to match

Close to nature,restore the truth

Product Size:


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